Direct Deposit Services

prepaid cardWe offer direct deposit services that allow your paychecks to automatically be issued to you. Pick up checks quickly at our store or get a debit card with your money automatically loaded for you. It's fast and efficient without the hassle of banks!

Direct Deposit - Plastic

  • Receive your money days sooner than in the mail.
  • Your money is automatically loaded to a Nexis Visa® prepaid debit card.
  • Use it to make purchases anywhere.
  • Safer than carrying cash.
  • Access cash 24/7 from thousands of ATMs.
  • Add cash to your card anytime.
  • Withdrawals are free at any Challenger teller window.

Direct Deposit - Paper

  • Pick up your check at this store – days sooner than in the mail.
  • Never worry about your check being lost or stolen.
  • Cash it with the same friendly teller you always visit.
  • Walk out with cash in your hand as usual.
  • Payroll, government benefits or any other type of recurring payment can be set up for direct deposit.
  • Check Cashing

    We cash all types of checks for you, including: payroll, insurance, tax refunds, government and large checks too.

  • Send & Receive Money Orders

    Get low cost money orders to pay bills or other expenses. We offer fast and convenient service!